Monday, November 7, 2011

EB wounds offensive to Facebook?

EB wounds offensive to Facebook? | EB Info World

If illnesses are offensive on Facebook, I suppose all of my fellow lupus survivors who have pics with butterfly rashes on their faces are the next to go.

Facebook is the most comment social network platform in the world, unfortunately. It's not practical for us to give it up in protest. What is practical is for everyone to say they won't stand for this bullshit. And then make Facebook apologize to and compensate this poor woman. Because I think Facebook only understands money and public shame. So, shame on you, Facebook. And all I gotta say is I can't wait for the mass media to jump on this bandwagon, because then -- THEN -- Facebook will actually feel the shame, advertisers will pull away, etc. That's how you effect change people.

And yes, I'm rambling. But this topic deserves some ramble time.

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