Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What I wrote in my signature for SignOn.org's petition against the racist language in Alabama's constitution.

In honor of Alabama having the longest constitution in the world, I wrote them a long telling off, because they seem to like long things. I don't know if the people in power will read it, but I know I felt better for typing it. I'm just one, but if you join me "e pluribus, unum" will actually have tangible meaning.

What I wrote:

As an American citizen, I believe that the true power of a state should be with its people and not with an elite ruling class. Those we elect are chosen by us to represent our needs; we do note vote them in to form an oligarchy government wherein our needs and views aren't heard and NEVER respected. 

Furthermore, I am personally and morally offended by the use of racial language in Alabama's constitution. Like most Alabamians, I have African American ancestry, despite my outward appearance. And I'm proud of that heritage. That racist language makes me feel less than; what do you think it does to those who are obviously African American? Those whose ethnicity is more obvious than mine? 

A large percentage of our great state is referred to as LESS THAN in our own constitution. It's time to show the world that, whatever Alabama's past, we are now a state of ONE, where race has no dictation in law, where it isn't categorized and used to label people in an offensive and archaic system. 

To be blunt: the racist language in our Constitution makes us look ignorant and backward. The real Alabama isn't like that. At least not the Alabama I was raised in, an Alabama where I didn't even know about racism until I learned about the Civil Right's movement in elementary school. THAT'S the Alabama I know; that's the Alabama the world should know. 

If the language is not reformed, it'll just reinforce the concept that we are a state of ignorant rednecks. And I, for one, cannot accept that as our collective legacy. The question is: Can you?  
And I meant it, by golly. You should all sign the petition. Do it HERE.